Camp Management and Camp Coordination

IOM Camp Management operations in four governorates of Al-Anbar, Baghdad, Ninewa and Salah Al-Din, provide direct camp management in formal sites, CCCM support to government and NGO actors in camps and informal settlements, and capacity building to local CCCM actors.

IOM is a member of the Strategic Advisory Group of Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster in Iraq. Additionally, IOM support the CCCM Cluster Coordination Team with a seconded dedicated staff member.

IOM is Improving the overall standard of living in the camps through: Awareness campaign, cash for work schemes, limited livelihood projects, and events.

What We Do

Direct Camp Management

IOM started Direct Camp Management of Haj Ali camp in June 2017, after supporting the camp management actor from the inception of the camp. The following activities are, inter alia, implemented by a static Camp Management team

  • Monitoring standards and site conditions through daily engagement with partner activities on site, safety mapping, and through the Formal Site Monitoring Tool.
  • Ensuring community participation in decision making processes, through enhancing and capacity building of Community Groups, including Block Leaders, Sector Leaders, Women, Tribal Leaders and Youth Groups as well as thematic groups such as Maintenance, WASH and Child Protection committees
  • Improving overall standard of living in the camp through awareness campaigns; cash for work schemes; limited livelihood projects; campaigns and events.
  • Coordination of partners and services, through monthly site coordination meetings, 3Ws, identification and referral of gaps, documentation of action points, and ensuring follow up.

Camp Management Support to Local Authorities and NGOs

In light of the proliferation of Emergency Sites and Camps as part of the Mosul response, IOM offered to train, mentor and financially support NGOs and government actors who took on Camp Management of these sites, with the view that, with improved capacity, these actors may provide more sustainable CCCM support in the long-term. IOM extended this support package to Camp Management partners selected by the CCCM Cluster.

CCCM Mobile Response Teams in informal settlements

  • IOM supports CCCM activities in out-of-camp areas through a Mobile Response Team (MRT) modality, with a view to improve site management, and mitigate risks and hazards in informal sites across Iraq. Each MRT has a team leader, technical specialists, and capacity building focal points.
  • Identification of needs that can be covered by IOM and referral of other needs to external partner / Clusters.
  • Informal Site selection and needs identification through CCCM Cluster assessment tools (Rapid RASP and RASP: Risk Assessment Prioritization Tool)
  • Establishment of Site Management Committees (Maintenance Committee; Women’s Committee; Youth Committee); training of Committees and establishing TOR, and supporting them in activities (English Lessons, Awareness Sessions, Events)
  • Mitigation of risks and hazards through site Maintenance and upgrading - fixing of electrics; installing doors, windows railings, insulation, rooves; fixing of toilets, pipes and taps etc.) in coordination with the IDP Maintenance Committee
  • Continuous On-The-Job Training for Maintenance Committee throughout upgrading of site.

Camp Management Capacity Building

IOM conducts capacity building for camp management actors, in order to enhance the response of CCCM Cluster partners, and to build a sustainable national CCCM capacity.

IOM delivers three types of CCCM training:

  • Introduction to Camp Coordination and Camp Management (Global CCCM Cluster basic training course)
  • Camp Coordination and Camp Management Training of Trainers (Global CCCM Cluster advanced training course)
  • Camp Management in Practice (IOM-Iraq training, developed to target operational Camp Management staff)