When Affordability Matters: The Political Economy and Economic Decision Making of Iraqi IDPs

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This study by IOM Iraq, Returns Working Group (RWG), and Social Inquiry delves into the various issues and challenges that IDPs consider when assessing the affordability of return, and accordingly, the calculations they make when considering whether or not to remain in displacement. 

Filmmakers from Across Iraq Met in Baghdad for Community Policing Film Festival

December, 2019


Baghdad — Last Wednesday (4/12) young filmmakers from across Iraq presented their work at the Community Policing Film Festival in Baghdad. The festival, hosted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at the al-Rasheed Hotel, was an occasion to present 15 short films showing the impact of Community Policing on different towns and cities.

IOM Iraq Launches Countrywide Strategy for Disability Inclusion

December, 2019


Erbil — The International Organization for Migration’s Iraq mission marked International Day of Persons with Disabilities by launching the Organization’s first countrywide disability inclusion strategy to help the government develop programmes that support the needs of migrants with disabilities. 

The two-year strategy will also guide the mission in supporting the Government of Iraq with data collection and policy design that are inclusive of persons with disabilities.  

Rural Areas in Ninewa: Legacies of Conflict on Rural Economies and Communities in Sinjar and Ninewa Plains

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The IOM report “Rural Areas in Ninewa: Legacies of Conflict on Rural Economies and Communities in Sinjar and Ninewa Plains” assesses the effects of the ISIL crisis in the rural areas of Al-Hamdaniya, Tilkaif, Baashiqa, and Sinjar. Ninewa is one of the most diverse areas in Iraq in terms of the number and prevalence of minorities. It is also largely rural and responsible for a significant share of Iraq’s agricultural production.


Since 2003, Iraqis living abroad have made significant contributions to Iraq’s development through transnational political and social engagement; the sending of remittances to their families; investment in various sectors of the Iraqi economy; and the transfer of knowledge and skills to institutions in Iraq.


EU Provides Additional EUR 2M to IOM Iraq for Critical Infrastructure Improvements in Camps

June, 2019


Erbil – Five years after the onset of the ISIL crisis and the subsequent massive internal displacement, over half a million Iraqis continue to live in camps.  

The European Union (EU) has awarded an additional EUR 2 million to IOM in Iraq to make critical infrastructure improvements in camps for internally displaced persons. This brings the total EU humanitarian contribution IOM Iraq has received in 2019 to EUR 5 million.  

New Studies Reveal State of Protracted Displacement and Prospects for Local Integration in Iraq

April, 2019


Erbil — IOM Iraq recently completed two sets of complementary studies that examined the factors behind protracted displacement in Iraq, as well as the prospects of displaced Iraqi families integrating their host communities.

The first part of the study had a dual focus, analyzing both the main districts of origin and displacement, thereby identifying the obstacles to return for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and assessing how they are faring in areas of displacement and return.

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