European Union Contributes to Economic Recovery and Job Creation in Iraq Through Support to Agriculture Sector

December, 2020


Baghdad — The Government of Iraq, the European Union’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (EU-DEVCO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are expanding their partnership to support economic development and sustainable job creation in Iraq, in particular through targeted efforts in the agricultural sector.

Germany Supports Efforts to Curb COVID-19, Contributes to Economic Recovery in Iraq

December, 2020


Baghdad - The German Government, via KfW Development Bank, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have signed a new agreement to provide crucial funding for the national COVID-19 response in Iraq. KfW, on behalf of the German government, will support IOM Iraq’s ongoing efforts to help communities prepare for and respond to COVID-19, and increase support to livelihoods and job creation. This contribution builds on the existing KfW-IOM partnership in Iraq, focused on economic recovery and sustainable job creation, which began in 2018.

Access to Durable Solutions Among IDPs in Iraq: Five Years in Displacement

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IOM has implemented a longitudinal study on entitled “Access to Durable Solutions Among IDPs in Iraq” since 2015 in partnership with Georgetown University in order to understand how IDPs navigate their displacement and take steps to build lasting durable solutions. This study draws from the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) framework on Durable Solutions for IDPs, which lays a foundation for government and humanitarian actors to better address the self-identified needs of IDPs.

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