Integrated Location Assessment; Thematic Overview and Governorates Profiles

28 May, 2017

The Integrated Location Assessment (ILA) is IOM Iraq’s first nationwide attempt to simultaneously analyse both displacement and return movements of conflict-affected people. Focusing on both populations enables identification of overarching trends of population movements; evaluation of the pressure that forced displacement places on some governorates; and an outline of social and living conditions, basic needs, intentions and vulnerabilities shared by internally displaced persons (IDPs) and returnees. 

The report is structured in two parts:  Part I offers a thematic overview at country level around five main topics: population and movements; infrastructure conditions; social conditions (including vulnerabilities and protection issues); living conditions; and intentions.

Part II provides profiles of the 18 Iraqi governorates; key themes are reviewed at the governorate and district level. Focus is placed on governorates hosting both IDP and returnee populations, profiling the context and social dynamics of these groups.


To download the Thematic Overview, please click here

To download the Governorate Profiles, please click here