Livelihood and Job creation

IOM contributes to long-term economic recovery, builds individual and community resilience and promotes community stabi-lization. Improved livelihoods opportunities and increased access to work contributes to community well-being and allows people to provide for themselves.

To stimulate economic revitalization and rapidly increase access to work IOM is imple-menting an innovative financing mechanism: the Enterprise Development Fund (EDF). The EDF provides small and medium enterprises with financial capital to contribute to their recovery and/or expansion.

IOM will imple-ment the EDF in multiple locations in Iraq in 2019. IOM will continue to provide direct indi-vidual livelihoods assistance including on-the-job training, job placement, voca-tional training, farmer training and business development services. IOM programming responds to identi-fied community needs and the prevailing socio-economic context.

IOM optimizes results by working with enterprises with have the greatest likelihood of success and tailored individual livelihoods assistance.

What We Do

Individual Level

IOM invests in boosting human capital through vocational training, on the Job trainings, job placements or provision of business startup or business expansion packages.

Community Level

IOM restores essential economic infrastructure and provides funding assistance to primary and secondary economic sectors that were successful prior to the conflict but suffered loss and damage and require assistance to resume activities. IOM aims to fill a critical gap in access to finance through an innovative grant funding mechanism to drive large-scale job creation through public and private sector recovery.

Institutional Level

IOM provides technical assistance to government institutions such as MoLSA and MoMD. IOM is working closely with these and other ministries to improve support to individuals and enterprises in Iraq.

Key Outcomes

  • Increased access to sustainable and decent work.
  • IOM will achieve this through two complementary results.
  • Vulnerable or at-risk individuals have enhanced human capital.
  • Increased production capacity of enterprisesMAIN

Key Beneficiaries

The EDF will prioritize businesses that would create job opportunities at scale and contribute to community stabilization. IOM individual livelihoods services will prioritise IDPs, returnees, refugees and other affected populations, in high return areas and areas with high rates of poverty.


  • Ministry of Migration and Displacement of Iraq
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, GOI/KRG
  • Ministry of Agriculture, GOI/KRG
  • Ministry of Municipalities and Ministry of Planning
  • Provincial and local authorities
  • IOM units, Emergency, Social Cohesion, Migration Management