IOM Iraq Press Briefing Notes

18 November, 2016

Iraq – One month into Mosul military operations, which began on 17 October, over 59,700 Iraqis are displaced from Mosul and adjacent districts as of 18 November, according to IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Emergency Tracking.

15 November, 2016

Iraq - The total number of individuals currently displaced in the Mosul emergency now tops 56,400 according to data released today (15/11) by IOM Iraq’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Emergency Tracking.

11 November, 2016

Iraq - An IOM Iraq mobile medical team based in Erbil travelled to the sprawling Hasan Sham camp for Iraqis displaced by the fighting near Mosul every day this week, visiting a facility that has swelled to over 1,700 families (10,200 individuals) since October 17, when military operations in Mosul began. 

08 November, 2016

Iraq - IOM Iraq today (08/11) reports its displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Emergency Tracking identified 34,860 displaced Iraqis from Mosul and adjacent districts – up from 34,038 reported Monday – since military operations to retake Mosul began on 17 October, with significant population movements seen this past weekend.

06 November, 2016

On 5 November, IOM Director General William Lacy Swing visited two emergency sites that are being established by IOM Iraq at Qayara Airstrip and Haj Ali, both in Ninewa Governorate east of Mosul. These sites are being constructed to shelter displaced Iraqis from Mosul.

04 November, 2016

Iraq - The IOM Iraq Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) today (04/11) recorded a total of 22,224 individuals displaced by fighting in the Mosul region that began on October 17.

01 November, 2016

Iraq – On Tuesday (1/11) the IOM the IOM Iraq Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) – the standard data source used to guide the humanitarian response – recorded a total of 17,916 individuals displaced by military operations that began on 17 October around the Mosul region.

30 October, 2016

Iraq - A three-car IOM convoy travelled south from Erbil, Iraq, yesterday (27/10) into territory retaken recently from ISIL in Iraq’s Ninewah governorate.