IOM Iraq Press Briefing Notes

27 March, 2017

The International Organization for Migration‭ (‬IOM‭), the University of Kurdistan Hawler (UKH), and Georgetown University's Center for Contemporary Arab Studies and the Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM), are pleased to announce the‭ ‬“Migration and Displacement in Iraq” conference, to take place from April 19-21 ‬in Erbil‭, ‬Iraq‭. ‬

19 March, 2017

Iraq - IOM Iraq, with Qatar’s Red Crescent Society (QRCS), officially opened its 50-bed field hospital in Mosul, boasting two operation theatres and post-operative care to receive and treat cases from internally displaced persons (IDPs) from West Mosul.

12 March, 2017

Iraq - In the midst of ongoing operations in Mosul, the Government of Japan is providing USD 6.7 million to IOM to support its humanitarian response to displacement in Iraq.

Over a one-year period, this contribution will support IOM to assist internally displaced Iraqis, as well as returnees and host community members.

07 March, 2017

Iraq - A delegation of diplomats and aid officials visited Erbil, Iraq 3-5 March 2017 to see first-hand IOM humanitarian projects in response to the ongoing displacement crisis.

03 March, 2017

Iraq - IOM Iraq and the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Erbil this week hosted the official opening of a Family Assistance Programme (FAP) service centre for Syrians and Iraqis in Erbil.

28 February, 2017

Iraq - Since the February 19 start of Iraqi forces’ efforts to retake Mosul’s western sector, IOM reports over 10,000 men, women and children now have been displaced in the zone, according to Iraq’s Ministry of Migration and Displacement (MoMD).

24 February, 2017

Iraq - When they return to their home communities, Iraqis displaced by the current crisis face a host of challenges, including the destruction of infrastructure, housing and property.  Access to basic services, availability of drinking water, food, health care, shelter and livelihood opportunities are all ongoing sources of concern.

17 February, 2017

Iraq - As military operations to retake Mosul intensify, concerns mount that these operations may displace additional tens of thousands of civilians – beyond the 160,000-plus individuals currently categorized as “displaced” in the Mosul region after four months of combat.