Refugee Assistance Programme

Refugee Assistance Programme

  • 10,697 Syrian Refugees, IDPs and Host Community members Directly Assisted
  • 35 Communities Reached

IOM Iraq’s Regional Refugee and Resiliance Programme (3RP) contributes to longer-term self-reliance of individuals and communities and the stronger role of Government in delivering equitable basic services to refugees and host communities. Interventions carried out in the various sector response plans are aimed at improving individual and community self-sufficiency and help to mitigate negative coping mechanisms so as to improve the prospects of affected populations. Provision of support to Syrian refugees to improve access to basic services, such as education, provide access to income generating opportunities through enhancing human capital and supporting local economies. This helps to contribute towards improved social cohesion amongst diverse groups (i.e., Refugees, IDPs and members of host communities) in the communities hosting Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq.

  • Access to Basic Services

    Through the rehabilitation of public services and infrastructure in-line with the priorities indicated in the Iraq 3RP plan. Moreover, training and production facilities were established or rehabilitated to be used for skills training or economic activities by Syrians, IDPs or vulnerable host communities.
  • Supporting Local Economies

    Through provision of access to information, financial and technical support to small and medium size enterprises, collaboration with private sector partners, and government counterparts, IOM developed innovative and durable solutions to support Syrian refugees to become economically active and as part of the durable solution of integration into host communities.
  • Enhancing Human Capital

    Through provision of safe and dignified transportation services for Syrian youth living in remote areas to access education and enable self-development despite the ongoing crisis. Furthermore, as access to quality education and employment is a crucial need of Syrian refugees in Iraq. To address this challenge IOM provides access to innovative and market driven vocational skills training to Syrian refugees living in camps and non-camp settings, as well as vulnerable host community members and IDPs.
  • Promoting Social Cohesion

    Through engaging Syrian refugees, IDPs and host community members to jointly participate in innovative community-based events and activities to tackle challenges that threaten the social cohesion in their communities, initiating events that contribute to increased social cohesion among Syrian refugees, IDPs and host communities.