Early Recovery Programme

  • 217,146 Iraqis benefited from infrastructure rehabilitation
  • More than42 Communities Reached

IOM utilizes the Early Recovery Programme to deliver immediate assistance when areas become accessible after they have been retaken from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) control. In addition, immediate assistance is provided for areas affected by new waves of displacement.

The RRP adopts an Area Based Recovery approach, which uses the geographical area as the main entry point for intervention as opposed to a specific sector/target group. In addition, this method enables RRP to respond to local problems through a multi-sectorial approach, including various types of interventions such as: improving access to basic services; local governance; and economic recovery.

  • Access to Basic Services

    Through the rehabilitation of essential public services and infrastructure in-line with the priorities of communities and their local and provincial authorities. Priority needs and opportunities for assistance are first established through comprehensive community-based assessments involving the full engagement of community members at every stage of a planning process that looks to utilize existing resources available within the community itself.
  • The Promotion of Good Governance at the Local Level

    Through support for civic engagement, government ownership of IOM-supported interventions, the strengthening of local government planning capacity and the development of robust governance structures. The provision of a physical location for community members to receive information, submit complaints and engage in productive dialogue is also supported where possible.
  • Supporting Local Economies

    Through the provision of grants and technical support to small business owners, the creation or rehabilitation of value chains, the revitalization of small-scale industries and the promotion of new sectors that respond to market opportunities. Comprehensive market assessments and related analysis will also match the skills and experience of individuals with existing and potential employment opportunities.
  • Enhancing Human Capital

    Through the building of capacity among vulnerable community members with the provision of technical training in order to enhance vocational skills, raise awareness of local job market opportunities, and to increase levels of creative potential enabling the community to effectively engage in economically viable activity.