Cash Feasibility Assessment in Iraq

01 February, 2019


Cash-based interventions (CBI) are arguably one of the most relevant topics of discussion in the humanitarian sector today. Globally, CBI account for over US$3 billion but represent only 10% of the humanitarian portfolio, even though they are proven to be appropriate in 80% of crises worldwide and suitable for most, if not all, emergency contexts – including challenging and insecure environments such as Iraq – either as standalone interventions or in combination with in-kind and other transfer modalities.

IOM Iraq commissioned the Cash Feasibility Assessment with the main objective of evaluating the extent to which the context in Iraq is suited to CBIs and the lessons learned from current CBIs in the country.

The assessment highlights the conducive environment for CBIs in Iraq and available mechanisms within the country, including markets and financial service providers, to successfully implement humanitarian activities through cash.



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