IOM Iraq Accessible Construction Toolkit

29 March, 2021

In June 2020, IOM Iraq identified a need to strengthen its approach to addressing accessibility in IOM Iraq led construction projects. A draft IOM Iraq plan on strengthening accessibility of IOM build structures was developed in consultation with key staff from construction and shelter teams. This plan documented current practices and future opportunities across all direct and indirect building of structures.

Opportunities included developing guidance on designs and example Bill of Qualities specific to Iraq. In October 2020, IOM Iraq commissioned the development of an accessibility toolkit for IOM Iraq built structures. This toolkit follows the Iraqi “Building requirement code for people with special needs” on construction and accessibility and is a companion to the RRU Construction Manual: Best practices in construction and rehabilitation of community infrastructure. The RRU construction team constructs a variety of buildings including schools, health facilities and community centers. This toolkit is a resource to enable a strengthened approach to accessibility of future structures, and to enable a diverse range of community members to benefit

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