Recovery & Community Stabilization

Iraq is emerging from one of the most devastating periods of conflict and violence the country has ever faced. The conflict has had a devastating effect on the country, with the displacement of nearly six million people, the destruction of homes and infrastructure, and deep rifts in the social fabric.

The crisis directly and indirectly exacerbated community and individual instability, uncertainty, and fragility. As retaken areas become increasingly safe and services are re-estab¬lished, people are slowly returning to their homes and areas of origin. Addressing challenges facing Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and returnees, including those returning from Europe or farther abroad, and obstacles to return is critical to contribute towards sustainable peace, national reconcil¬iation, and development in Iraq.

Support is needed to meet the challenges of residual insecurity, damage to properties and public infrastructure, limited access to services, limited livelihood opportunities, and fractured social relations including for vulnerable groups with complex experiences such as youth, women and minorities. For those remaining in protracted displacement, assistance is still critical to support safe, dignified living conditions.

IOM’s programmes address the drivers of conflict, displacement and irregular migration, including through strengthening Government capacity to provide services and rebuilding trust between communities, and increasing opportunities for community and civil society interaction.

What we do