Rehabilitating, Repairing and Upgrading Critical Shelters and Damaged Houses

23 February, 2017

“Rehabilitating, Repairing and Upgrading Critical Shelters and Damaged Houses” presents shelter guidelines and offers step-by-step guidance. The booklet is directed at the humanitarian aid community, displaced community members, and camp technical working committees.

The information results from hands-on experience on the ground in repairing and upgrading critical shelters and damaged houses. The text provides guidelines for upgrades often needed for critical shelters, including, internal wall partitions, roof repair and electrical safety. Rehabilitation guidelines for damaged houses include: ceiling floor and wall repair, plastering and painting, and electrical rewiring.

As one of the largest shelter partners in Iraq, in 2016 IOM assisted more than 10,000 Iraqi families with shelter support, including home rehabilitation, repair of critical shelter arrangements and homes, and provision of shelter kits.

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