As per IOM Iraq DTM data, at the beginning of 2019 about 4.1 million IDPs have returned to their place of origin, while 1.8 million IDPs remain displaced across 14 governorates. Most of them require humanitarian assistance and shelter is one of their major needs.

IOM Iraq's shelter unit developed various strategies to respond to the shelter needs of both displaced persons, returnees as well as other vulnerable host populations in crisis-affected communities in Iraq. The strategy is prepared in line with IASC shelter cluster guidelines and humanitarian standards.

What We Do

Rehabilitation of Damaged Houses (RH)

This intervention is aimed at supporting durable solutions for returning IDPs. Under this programme, IOM repairs damaged houses focusing on internal elements such as openings, partition walls, electric & water systems, and toilets.

Low-Cost Housing (LH)

Through an integrated community recovery package, IOM constructs low-cost housing for returning IDPs, whilst repairing and upgrading basic infrastructure to support their reintegration.

Critical Shelter Upgrade (CS)

IOM upgrades and repairs roofs, water systems, electricity, toilets, installs partition, and covers openings in critical shelters housing displaced families, such as public or unfinished buildings.

Core Shelter

The core shelter intervention aims to builds a new structure that fulfills the minimum standard to replace completely damaged houses in conflict-affected communities.

Sealing-Off Kit (SOK)

As a primary and quick solution, IOM distributes a SOK package that contains shelter materials and tools that are essential to upgrade houses for IDPs as well as returnees.

Shelter and Settlement in 2018 - Location Overview