"If I were to put the whole world in one hand, and my palm trees in the other, this explains how I felt about my trees," said Hamid who lost his three houses and five palm orchards in Jerf Al Sakher and is now living with his family in displacement in Anb
Heavy rain and flooding since 23 November in #Iraq caused widespread damage. In Qayarrah Airstrip and Jeddah camps over 2,300 tents flooded, ruining belongings that displaced Iraqis needed for winter. Within hours from the flooding, IOM delivered over 3,0
IOM has two psychosocial centers in Hajer Ali camp, Ninewa. These PSS centers provide a range of activities to both children an adults.
IOM - the UN Migration Agency, implements innovative solutions to address the immediate needs of vulnerable communities during Iraq's recovery and stabilization phase after the war with ISIL. The use of renewable energy from a solar power system stands at
IOM - The UN Migration Agency, rehabilitated part of the Waladi Textile factory in West Mosul. The factory was badly damaged during the recent conflict but has re-opened with 30% of its 1,200 employees back at the production lines. Now the factory supplie
IOM - the UN Migration Agency, has established a carpet factory with the financial support of the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, the aim to increase economic and social opportunities for vulnerable Yazidi women and to contribute to sustainable
Youth is an effective driver of change in any community, watch this video to see how a group of young, volunteer men and women are making a positive change in their hometown of Telafar.
When in a camp with few job opportunities, life can be stressful for displaced people. Watch this video to learn about Marwa and how she deals with the stress of displacement.
In the first week of August 2014, ISIL began a brutal assault on the #Yazidi community in Sinjar, killing thousands of them in a few days. Almost 70 percent of Sinjar’s buildings are damaged or destroyed. Many of the streets are empty and silent — lined w
100 displaced Yazidi youth & 100 host community students in Duhok walked for 5 KM together to discuss challenges they face in their lives, allowing them to release stress from traumatic events of 2014, and to create positive interaction between the displa
The fighting in Mosul ended last year, but the humanitarian crisis still continues as families grapple with post-conflict realities. Rebuilding destroyed cities take time and resources, and the road to recovery in Iraq is long. But we are committed to ass
Nour & her mother fled Iraq in 1994 and were refugees in Turkey for seven years before being resettled in Canada in 2001. About 15 years later, they were back and helping refugee & displaced women through a sewing project: Hopeful Hands - أيادي الامل. IOM
Many Displaced people from Sinjar have not been able to return home. IOM supports Civil Society organizations that provide support to these IDP communities in Dahuk camps to help them Cope with displacement and deep grief from losing loved ones.
Job opportunities are scarce at refugee camps, but these women came up with a project idea in order to get the job opportunities they need. With IOM and UNIDO's support, the project is up and running. Watch the video to learn more.
On this day last year (July 9, 2017), the Government of Iraq officially declared Mosul has been retaken after nine months of fierce fighting to dislodge ISIL from the country’s second largest city.
After years of neglect and ISIL occupation, Sallamiya’s water irrigation system was finally rehabilitated by IOM Iraq and in full operation! A win-win for returnees and the local economy – thanks to Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SI
Abu Mahdi's family are spending their fourth Ramadan away from their home in Baa'aj, Mosul, since they were displaced in 2014. And to them Ramadan in displacement and Ramadan at home are worlds apart. Over 2 million people are still displaced across Iraq.
IOM Iraq mission's new Technical and Engineering Unit (TEU) established in June 2017, supports ongoing emergency, recovery and reconstruction projects in Iraq. With skilled and experienced architects and engineers, TEU provides expertise in the accomplish
Around 2.3 million Iraqis are still displaced, and hundreds of thousands of them live in camps and critical shelter arrangements, such as informal settlements and unfinished buildings. The IOM appeal for USD 26.7 million addresses the urgent needs of ret
More than 73% of displaced people from Gwer, south east of Mosul, have returned since 2016 after it was deserted for nearly 2 years after ISIL attacked the town in 2014. IOM has been supporting returnees through business support, infrastructure rehabilita