24 January, 2021


IOM conducted an extensive review of data and literature relating to protracted displacement in Iraq, with the aim of providing an updated overview of the displacement context and a categorization framework highlighting the different types of barriers that IDPs face in returning to their area of origin. Its objective is to inform durable solutions strategy development and planning relating to the resolution of protracted displacement in Iraq. Protracted Displacement in Iraq: Revisiting Categories of Return Barriers follows the Categorizing Protracted Displacement in Iraq report, which was produced by and IOM, Social Inquiry and the Iraq Returns Working Group in November 2018.

At the center of this report is the “Framework: Categories of Return Barriers.” The framework has been developed in liaison with durable solutions experts in Iraq, and draws upon key data sources to demonstrate the extent that IDPs face barriers to returning home under the following categories: housing, livelihoods, basic services, social cohesion, and safety and security. The framework highlights how the severity of barriers vary according to IDPs’ locations of origin and displacement, and identifies several exacerbating factors that may impede the ability of IDPs to return home.

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