RETURNS WORKING GROUP (RWG) Annual Progress Report: January - December 2018

12 May, 2019

In 2018, the Returns Working Group (RWG) invested considerably in further supporting the Government of Iraq, UN and NGO/CSO partners in supporting sustainable returns. This was in response to the slowing rate of returns of IDPs to their areas of origin over 2018, when it was clear that further analysis and targeted solutions would be needed. There are now over 4.2 million returnees (from what was originally 5.9 million IDPs), with approximately 1.6 million IDPs some of which are facing protracted displacement. 

In 2018 the RWG commissioned return assessments and research, developed tools to measure quality of returns, provided support to government and governorate return committees, held monthly coordination meetings, and advised for liaison events with the international and donor community. In addition, the RWG   developed information management products to provide in-depth information on returns, along with Communication with Communities (CwC) messaging and key advocacy messages.

In 2019, the RWG continues to support partners to return and recovery needs and achieving durable solutions; Strategic Objective of the 2019 Iraq Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP): “In the post-conflict transition towards durable solutions, partners will aim to increase the resilience of affected people by supporting access to basic services, enhancing livelihood opportunities and providing sectoral assistance to meet minimum humanitarian standards.” 


For more information please contact Returns Working Group Iraq at, and all documents are available at the RWG website:

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