Following the end of hostilities against ISIL, which resulted in major displacement waves across Iraq, the work of the Transition and Recovery Division within IOM Iraq supports the Government to improve conditions for a sustainable recovery. Interventions include the rehabilitation of community infrastructure, community engagement, and livelihood assistance.

IOM’s community engagement model has been refined through an interactive learning process and relies on stakeholder consultation throughout the design of sustainable livelihood activities. Recognizing that the private sector is an engine for growth, IOM works to create inclusive markets at the individual, community and institutional level.

To design market-led development interventions, and support partners with timely, accurate information on market conditions, a series of Labour Market Assessments (LMAs) were conducted by IOM across Iraq. Assessment locations were selected through a rigorous community selection process. The reports – based on evolving methodologies – are produced on a yearly basis since 2019. See the map to access the reports.


SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities
SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities