21 Jun 2022
CRP Success stories 2012-2015

Continuing IOM’s 65-year global legacy, the Iraq Mission provides displaced Iraqis, returnees and host community members with a wide range of services, including humanitarian relief items, livelihoods Support, primary health care and psychosocial assistance.

Over the past eight years, through its primary livelihood component – the Community Revitalization Programme (CRP) – IOM Iraq has
directly assisted Iraqis throughout times of relative stability and also of turmoil, adapting assistance efforts as needed. The programme’s people-centered approach ensures that the dynamic and fluctuating nature of livelihoods is reflected in its activities.

Stable and humane living conditions are the foundations of any cohesive Iraqi community. Under CRP, IOM Iraq aims to secure the continuity of livelihoods. Many Iraqis assisted in the past years excelled in their businesses, became well known in their community and developed the means to support their families.

To celebrate the success of its beneficiaries, IOM collected these success stories from across Iraq, representing over four years of programme implementation. The stories share the bold steps taken to improve their lives, which provide an inspiration both for humanitarians as well as Iraqis who struggle with similar challenges.

Dr. Thomas Lothar WEISS
Director - Chief of Mission, IOM Iraq