04 May 2022

For an emergency response to be effective everyone must be involved; this includes persons with disabilities. These videos focus on raising awareness about the importance of involving Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (DPOs/OPDs) and persons with disabilities in humanitarian action, following the Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Guidelines on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action, published in 2019:


  1. Italian
  2. Spanish
  3. Arabic
  4. French
  5. Swahili
  6. Portuguese
  7. Russian
  8. Bangla
  9. Ukrainian
  10. English


They are designed to promote the implementation of quality humanitarian programmes in all contexts and across all regions, and to establish and increase both the inclusion of persons with disabilities and their meaningful participation in all decisions that concern them.

These videos were created as part of the VIVIDT Project, whose main aim was to create a global community of practice working towards disability inclusion in humanitarian action and volunteering. The translations were made possible with additional support from IOM Iraq, CBM Global and VIVIDT partners ASPEM, Abilis, CBM Ireland and the European Disability Forum (EDF).


For more information, please contact : Roberta Lulli, EDF,